Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Portrait - On the Beach at Moeraki

My Philosophy as an Artist ( as at June 2009 - its likely to change!)
I am interested as an artist in producing art that is about my environment and how if effects myself and the others around me.
I like to produce work that is relevant to the place that I live in - I think that some of the most accessible and powerful art relates to personal connection to the local environment of the artist.
I do enjoy exploring the use of colour, and particularly wish to use a bright palette in my paintings at the moment - it may be that this will change over time to reflect aspects of my life and as art changes as you explore different aspects of the work, and grows like a chain reaction.
I think that artists need to be open to this exploration - to let the work grow organically as you work, without too many preconceived ideas about where you may end. Of course I am just at the start of this journey and am looking forward to discovering where it may take me.

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